Speed up rough material render time

Yesterday I wrote about how you can trick C4Ds screenspace reflections so you can make them blurry. Here’s another treat that comes with this technique that will decrease the render time of rough materials in physical renderer by up to 40%!

I set up a scene with a 20% roughness vs. a poxo noise bump map.

As you can see there’s no real time saving when rendering both in adaptive mode. They have some different look to them and I usually prefer the right one as it just doesn’t feels so washed out, that’s however subjective.

When turning to progressive mode with 10 passes however you’ll quickly discover…

…that the roughness one is looking really rough in a bad way, the bump map however is much more consistent in it’s quality and is looking good for being about 40% faster than on adaptive mode, making it perfect for small scale parts or preview renderings.

You can download the .c4d file here

If you want to read more about adaptive vs progressive mode check out this blog entry