How to trick C4D’s Screenspace reflections

One of the best things that came with R19 were definitely the viewports improvements: DOF, faster responsiveness and screen space reflections. The downside to the screenspace reflections however are that your material reflection roughness has to be 0% else it won’t work. Now here’s a solution to trick c4d so you still get your sweet sweet blurry reflections in editor view:

Fake them with a bump map!

That’s right simple as that. Using a bump map instead of roughness will do the trick! I’m using a 1% size Poxo noise to get good result but anything will do. You might have some rougher looking results, just change the editor texture preview size to 2k or more and you should be fine.

Stay tuned and come back tomorrow for I’ll tell you how to dramatically cut down render time (about 40%!) on rough materials when using the physical renderer!